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Proven track record with references in Fintech, Proptech and Regtech.

We partner with subject matter experts who have identified a need for blockchain within their domain of expertise to bring the idea to life.

We apply our people, technology and commercialisation capability to create successful products.

Our team is made up of product, business and
technology experts, whose broad set of skills not
only allows us to be agile, but also allows us to
be leaders in developing the next generation of
the internet.


What we do

At Block8, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the best out of blockchain technology, taking you from an initial concept to a commercialised product. As experts in blockchain app development, we combine your subject matter expertise with our development expertise to create a seamless, fully integrated, impactful app with the best that Web3 has to offer. We achieve this through our Zero to One Process.

Not only are we passionate about educating individuals and companies on the value of blockchain technology and the value it can bring to their business, but we can also create practical solutions to all business challenges associated with blockchain app development. Whether it be streamlining processes, implementing innovative marketing strategies, staying relevant and up to date with all technological advances and delivering proven results in all areas.


Start With Evaluation

When we first meet with a prospective partner, we take them on a journey. From getting a deeper understanding of their ideas, we take them through our Zero to One process, guiding them through an overview of what to expect over the next 6-12 months of collaboration.


Work On A Plan

Through a range of proven templates and tools designed to elevate your ideas and create new pathways for success, Block8 can help identify any gaps, work together on practical solutions and formulate a realistic scope for the future.


Future-Proof Your Business

Now it’s time to work on implementing blockchain technologies and solutions for your business. Whether you’re after blockchain app development or just seeking a more secure yet accessible way to handle your product, security and finances, Block8 is here to future-proof your company.

Our Services

Software Development

Software Development

  • Blockchain & DLT Applications
  • Mobile & Web Applications
  • Solution Architecture
  • Agile Delivery Management
Product Innovation

Product Innovation

  • Product Ownership & Management
  • Product Discovery & Research
  • Micro & Macro Analysis
  • Data Driven UX Design
Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise Consulting

  • Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain Strategy
  • Prototyping & Proof of Concepts
  • Technology & Product Roadmaps
Infrastructure and Security

Infrastructure and Security

  • Turnkey Cloud Infrastructure
  • DevOps as a Service
  • Scalability, Reliability, Security


  • Game Theory & Incentive Design
  • Network Effect Design
  • Economic Modelling
Blockchain System Design

Blockchain System Design

  • Trustless System Design
  • Defining & Tokenising Value
  • Public & Private Smart Contracts

Track Record

Our legacy speaks for itself. With a proven history in taking Fintech, Proptech and Regtech projects to new heights. Block8 is one of the top blockchain development companies in Sydney. From financial companies like Loda and Boulevard to real estate and property clients like Hutly, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge across many thriving digital industries. In doing so, we are positioned as a thought leader in these markets, especially with our advocacy for the use of distributed ledger technology, going so far as to submit materials to the Australian Senate’s Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology.

With this expertise and leadership, Block8 has taken the blockchain development world by storm. We have a strong focus on educating clients about the benefits and applications of blockchain and DLT, regularly holding webinars, Blockathons and bootcamps on some of the more intricate aspects of the technology. From the beginning of the journey to the end, Block8 have been able to use these learnings to help our clients grow exponentially, and we’re proud to be one of the top blockchain development companies in Sydney.

Our Ventures


Enabling companies to efficiently manage shareholder equity, capital tables and investor relations – delivering a pathway to liquidity.


The backbone for derivatives trading in DeFi, allowing anyone, anywhere to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.

Volt Bank

Intelligent Credit is a software lending platform that is designed to enable mortgage brokers to drive the end to end mortgage process.

What We Believe


Distribution Ledger Technology

We are passionate developers of distributed ledger technology (DLT). We see the value in DLT from an enterprise perspective, allowing us to teach our clients how to recognise the potential for growth and innovation that could come from adopting the processes and assist them in making it happen. Working with Block8 means you’ll have a chance to become familiar with concepts like Defi and Web 3 – and how best to make them work for your business. Maybe you will even be able to venture into the metaverse.

Blockchain Technology

Above all, we believe blockchain technology allows us to explore a more secure yet open infrastructure, with everyone on equal footing and no intermediaries to stand in the way of progress. It’s leading-edge technology, and we genuinely believe it can make a world of difference for your company.

Block8 values one thing above all, fairness. With a focus on accessibility and equity in socio-economic structures, we believe that every single company and individual should have access to revolutionary technologies like DeFi, Web 3 and the Metaverse.


How We Can Help You

Block8 is here to provide clarity with this next-gen tech. Whether you’re new to blockchain technology or an early adopter, our team will show you how we can harness the technology to make your project thrive. From software development – mobile, web, blockchain and DLT applications – all the way through to strategy, product management, prototyping and smart contracts, we can show you the true scope of what blockchain developers in Australia can help you achieve.

And it doesn’t stop there. There are use cases in security, economics, system design, enterprise consulting, and so much more. By implementing our templates and tools, we can identify all the areas in which blockchain technology can augment your existing ideas and ventures to create something more streamlined, secure and, above all, innovative.


Forget slow and expensive processes.


Forget difficulty in tracking deliveries and inventory.


Forget waiting for an intermediary to make transactions and moves that can help your company thrive.

As one of the premier blockchain developers in Australia, we can help you automate, simplify and integrate best practice processes.

About Us

Our blockchain development team

Our team of blockchain developers in Sydney and Chandigarh are genuinely passionate about taking your product to the next level. With an unshakeable vision for the growth and development of decentralised applications, the Block8 team is determined to make the most of our expertise, network and access to capital to elevate the companies we work with. Whether we’re joint venturing with leading companies and domain experts or providing enterprise consulting to take your product to the next level, we are always on the lookout for new ideas, innovative applications and exciting digital business models – the more industry-disrupting, the better.


Our leadership team

Our leadership team is composed of product, business and technology experts passionate about blockchain technology's future. The broad set of skills these experts bring to the table not only allows us to be agile but also allows us to be leaders in developing the next generation of the internet. We also practice what we preach, always learning more and more about the space and innovating to future-proof our approaches. The Block8 team of blockchain developers in Sydney and Chandigarh are ready to partner with you and take your project from Zero to One.

At Block8, we believe in the use of distributed ledgers to disrupt existing social and economic structures and make the world a fairer and more efficient place for all.

Let's get started!

Are you a subject matter expert looking to bring a new product to market? We will help you bring it to life.